What Can A Professional Photographer Do For You?

What Can A Professional Photographer Do For You?

It seems today that everyone is a "professional" photographer. With increasingly high-tech cameras that can take very good photos from your smartphone, why would anyone want to hire a real professional? The answer is pretty simple: professional photographers can do much more than what you can do with a smartphone, and can do it a lot better too.

At Barry Brown Studios, we have dedicated our lives to taking the best pictures possible for our clients. We have the training, experience, and tools to capture all the moments that are important to you. In fact, we have literally organized, shot and edited thousands of pictures. But our job doesn’t end when the camera shutter stops. We go through all the pictures of your event and find the best ones, make all of the necessary touch ups, and deliver our clients memories that last a lifetime (in both digital and physical form).

Types Of Photography We Do

Barry Brown Studios takes a personal interest in every client we work with, which makes us much more than just-another-photographer-snapping-pictures of you, your family, and friends. This helps us become more collaborators, working together to perfectly capture the memories of your event or photo shoot.

Engagement shoots and wedding services are a big part of our  portfolio, and it’s always an honor to be a part of your big day. Engagement shoots are our way of getting to know you and allowing you to become familiar with our photographer that will be at your wedding. These shoots are also a great way for you to become a little more comfortable in front of the camera so you don’t look like a nervous wreck at your wedding.

Once your wedding day rolls around, we’ll be there to record it all. Whether you want video, still photography, or both, Barry Brown Studios will make sure that we record everything; from when you’re walking down the aisle, to saying your vows, and all the craziness of the wedding reception.

Of course, there’s more to life than just engagements and weddings. In an age of smartphone selfies, it’s rare to get the whole family into a single picture. Portraits do just that: they bring the family together to capture moments in their lives. Portraits are what people frame and hang on the wall in their offices, cubicles, and family rooms. They use family portraits on holiday cards. Portraits are also put into family albums or saved as wallpapers on computer screens.

Getting your family portrait taken by Barry Brown Studios offers many of the same great benefits as our wedding photography service. But with portraits, you have the added option of getting the pictures taken in a professional studio. Our studio will have a myriad of backdrops and props to use, in addition to our equipment. We can also help find the right pose for your family and maybe even stop the baby from crying long enough to get the perfect shot.

But portraits aren’t just limited to the studio. We will happily go out into the field with our clients to take photos outside, usually a park or other scenic setting. This requires a lot of creativity on the part of the photographer. When choosing a location, we take into consideration the background scenery, natural light, shadows, and how the family will pose so they look natural and relaxed.

What Are The Benefits Of A Professional Photographer?

Barry Brown Studios has a lot to offer all of our clients. Below are just a few reasons why you should consider a pro for your next big event or family portrait.


Not all photographers are equal in their style and how they approach taking pictures for whatever occasion you might have. This is why you need to be very careful about the photographer you decide to hire. You want someone who has a style that matches yours. Are you more laid back and like candid pictures of people having fun? What about the more minimalistic black and white pictures?

There are a lot of different styles to choose from and Barry Brown Studios will always get to know your style before shooting a single picture. Even though we’re taking the photographs, it’s your event and your memories, so every picture should be the best representation of you.

Using The Right Equipment

Anyone can buy a top-of-the-line Canon DSLR, but not everyone can use it correctly or take advantage of all of its features. We use state-of-the-art cameras and equipment and are intimately familiar with how to use them. The sheer variety of camera lenses alone is staggering. And knowing how and when to use a specific lens is not something the average person attending a wedding or taking a family portrait will know. If your event is outside, then the equipment our photographer uses will be different than if the event is in an inside venue or in our photography studio.

Yes, today’s cameras can automate a lot of things to take decent pictures. But you don’t just want decent pictures, you want great pictures that are perfect. Barry Brown Studios can make this happen because we have the tools and knowledge to make your pictures come alive.

Posing Is An Art Form

Most people don’t like getting their picture taken and aren’t comfortable in front of the camera. Left to their own devices, people often stiffen up and smile awkwardly when having their picture taken. Is that the kind of pictures you want? We didn’t think so.

We change this by bringing out the best in each person. We know how to hide embarrassing things like double chins and other blemishes. We’re pros at getting clients to loosen up and smile naturally. Further, we can pose you and friends or loved ones in front of the perfect background with the right lighting. All this can mean the difference between an album full of awkward photos or an album full of photos of a fun, special event. Also, if you’re getting portraits taken, we can use a combination of poses and candid shots.

Hiring A Professional Photographer Makes Sense

Don’t leave your wedding day, family portraits or special event photography to chance by having an inexperienced amateur take pictures with a smartphone. Hire a professional photographer who can help you relive those moments for years to come. Better yet, contact Barry Brown Studios today to see how we can best serve you and yours.

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